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    Causes laptop to hang

      MCshield causes my dell inspiron to hang several minutes after startup.  Is there a cure for this or do I need to remove McAfee completely?  I've notices that my second processor goes to 100% and stays there

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          I have single core Pentium M, Just after boot. I guess there is some sortof scan starts that uses  most of the cpu. machine looks like hung. In your case I guess it eats up one core and probably there is some sortof blocade till it finishes.


          It could be intentional.


          Could any mcafee technitioan comment on this.

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            New 2011 use dual threads for scanning so faster though timc the issue you describe is similiar to 1 fixed in last September. Can you post your VS and Security centre build numbers please.


            Post your ram size as well

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              sorry for the delay in getting back.  Took me a while to work out how to get the information. 


              I'm on Security center version 10.5 build 10.5.227 with affid 105-343.


              Virus scan details : version 14.5 build 14.5.130


              I have 4Gb of ram on the machine





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                In virus and spyware protection/real time scanning and startup settings are you using the top choice ie most common threats?


                When it stops I assume you did a CTl alt Del and viewed CPU usage and it was mcshield causing it?


                You can run MVT it might see something it is on this page



                Another thought there is no other scanner active ie paid version such as Malwarebytes, spybot with tea timer active etc?


                Asking this before I make last suggestion as if these active they will mess up my last suggestion which is uninstall via the MCPR too;



                reboot and Run Mcpreinstall


                Reinstall from your account but use teh aussie site that will get you the latest version.  You will need to remove any free scanners but can add them back later

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                  I am having a similar problem, though my hang up seems to occur at start up and when Internet Explorer is open. I have gone through most of the standard steps (i.e. quick clean, uninstalled un-needed programs, defragged and even cleaned up my hard drive to free up some space). I have traced the problem to McSvHost.exe which jumps rapidly from 0-30% of CPU usage. This is the only process which is utilizing any of the CPU at the time the hang up occurs. I decided to uninstall Security Center (Internet Security) and the problem went away. Unfortunately I need something to keep my laptop safe. Not to mention that up until now, I've really liked McAfee's products.


                  I tried to run the McAfee Virtual Technician, but it returns a message telling me that it does not detect any McAfee programs on my system and when I Click on the "list of supported products," all the supported products listed are one version older than what I am running.


                  I have removed all McAfee programs using the recommended McAfee Consumer Products Removal tool and reinstalled Security Center (Internet Security) w/o online backup. This does not seem to have solved the problem.


                  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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                    I would use the chat path in technical services link in useful links tab above. They can escalate the issue if they cannot help.


                    When you reinstalled what version did you get Sc  11?


                    If not uninstall again via MCPR and install via the australia server that will get you the new version.


                    Ensure you do not have scan fully on startup selected that can cause slow downs

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                      Thanks.  Checked the settings and as suggested.  I have no other anti-virus for security softawre installed.  This completley locks the laptop and cntl alt del does not work.  What I did was leave the machine running with task manager running and I could see that mcsheild was running and that it locked one of the processors.


                      I will try uninstall and reinstalling to see what happens





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                        deleted all of Mcafee earlier using the tools and then reinstalled.  just turned the laptop on tonight and about 5 minutes after starting up it hung again.  Exactly the same.  Processor number 2 at 100% with mcsheild top of the list.  Absolutely the same as before.  Looks like I need to get a new antivirus system as it looks like Mcafee causes the laptop to be unusable



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                          Did you install from the aussie site ie did you get SC 11.-0?


                          This locking up appears to be scanner tying to scan something that is being scanned by another program.


                          Look here at the time it happens and see if it errors?

                          Post any message that shows

                          The Windows "Event Log" is indeed the location you need.  Windows Vista and XP should have similar access.  No ideas for Windows 7, although it also should be similar.


                          For Windows XP, the sequence to access is:


                          1.  Right-click on "My Computer" (or, "Start ---> Administrative Tools", if in your "Start Menu")


                          2.  Click "Manage"


                          3.  Expand "Event Viewer" (click on the "+")


                          4.  The log entries needed are in two (2) locations:  "Application" and "System"


                          5.  The entries under "Application" will have a source of "McLogEvent", and should be proximate to and "Error" entries.


                          6.  The "System" log entries are created by the Windows Services management.  Locate entries with a source of "eventlog" (these are created at Windows shutdown and boot-up.  The failing service entries should follow (actually, precede, since the order is recent to first ).


                          7.  To view any entry in either of these logs, right-click on the entry and click "Properties".

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