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    Recently bought licence is expiring and McAfee account shows Licence in use

      Formatted HD.. Installed the licence copy on home PC for the first time

      1. In a couple of days observed that it is unable to do auto update
      2. Deactivated my subscription from McAfee Account
      3. Uninstalled
      4. Reinstalled from CD as net was very slow
      5. Noticed that it is displaying a message to – Buy, Reactivate or Dismiss


      Contacted McAfeeTechnical support

      Uninstalled earlier version as suggested

      1. Reinstalled from McAfee Account – Download button
      2. Unfortunately, it did not help
      3. Technical Team chatted again
      4. suggested to uninstall the software with the help of MCPR.EXE . He himself deactivated the subscription from my account. Checked ‘Active’ status from my PC and McAfee Account
      5. As per his suggestions and email received in my account followed all the steps to uninstall (it was successful so logs were not copied)
      6. Accessed my McAfee account and downloaded once again the software, installed but the status remains same.
      7. My copy is getting deactivated in 6 days although having a valid licence bought on April 4, 2011.