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    McAfee missing too many viruses

      I have been having numerous, significant problems with my computer.  I know I have viruses because over the past month, McAfee routine scans have detected some and said it was "unable to fix" them and to call tech support.  I called tech support and it was just a scam...they wanted $85 to remove the viruses. I have been using McAfee products for over a decade and I buy the latest McAfee subscription every year. 


      Since anti-virus program should prevent and remove viruses, I couldn't understand paying that same company $85 to remove a virus that their own software neglected to prevent or detect in the first place.   I started looking around for another virus scanner, which detected and removed some of these viruses.  I decided to continue using McAfee until my paid subscription runs out.


      I've still been having numerous problems and crashes.  Yesterday, McAfee ran it's routine, weekly full scan.  Upon reviewing the results, I was outraged to see that my computer has 2 viruses and 237 trojans.   It's bad enough that an AntiVirus software would allow 239 viruses and trojans to enter a computer (protection is on 24/7)... but that then to be able to detect 239 viruses/trojans and only repair 6 of them?  


      How do I remove all these viruses/trojans from my computer if McAfee is detecting them but not repairing them??????     After over a decade, this will be my final time letting McAfee ruin my computer.

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          You could start here.There are links to some products and websites that specialize in helping people for free here.I would try to download the free version of Malwarebytes first and update ,scan and clean whatever it finds.Then I would open a post  at bleepingcomputer.com where they help people for free every day to clean their computers.Malwarebytes may find and clean some things that Mcafee cant an visa versa.If you open a post afterwards at bleeping computer.You could wait up to a week for a response.That depends on how busy they are.Here are the links below.I certainly am not qualified to answer why Mcafee would not clean all those infections.But here is a free way to help clean your computer.Good luck



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            Mcafee also has a program called Getsup that they have developed you could try.But if you have the patience to wait Bleeping computer is a very reputable place to post.They have a few computer experts there that will walk you through the process.I`m sure the others listed there are also good.

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              Thanks for the help.   I already have Malwarebytes Anti-Malware on here and that was able to weed out a few of the infections.  It appears it's in the memory and keeps duplicating itself to files in temporary folders.  I tried some DOS-based program Rkill, which kills anything suspicious in memory...that works excellent until I reboot.


              I'll try that link, the Getsup software, and the Bleeping Computer site you mentioned.  Thanks again!

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                Sorry to hear you are having issues with virus and malware. I do not know of any security vendor who can guarantee 100 percent that one would never contract a virus or some type of malware.


                Common Questions & Answers about Viruses this document provides some information as to how this stuff can compromise a computer. My advise is to always keep your computer updated with all Microsoft security updates as well as Adobe, Java, etc


                Required Reading - Home User Assistance Malware Troubleshooting is another document published by McAfee to assist customers with issues they may have. It also has a link inside for the McAfee Stinger Scan which is another tool to clean they computer.


                The link Newjack posted has just been recently been released and is very helpful. McAfee does have a pay virus removal service available but this involves having a technician connect to your computer to remove the virus and malware and they have many more tools available than the average user has.

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                  Try a safe mode scan sometimes that helps as the virus payload is not loaded.

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                    If you still have problems, please let us know. It's possible that you may have a rootkit infection.