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    Remove of VSE 8.5.0i

      I have got on one of my pc's the enterprice edition which i got from my work, but i bought a new Virus scan.

      Now I want to remove the enterprice edition of mcafee, which is version 8.5.0i.

      BUT, when I go to 'remove programs' on my pc, and go to 'mcafee' I don't see the option 'remove'.

      The only option is 'recover'.

      When I got further into my pc with mcafee, i found the .msi file which is named: 'vse850'

      I can open the program and if I do, I even see the option 'remove'.

      However, If I click on the button 'remove' it sais: 'you need internet explorer 5.0 or higher', and i have internet explorer 8 on my pc, so...

      How can I remove the virusscan so I can install my new virusscan?