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    I need this annoying restart pop-up to go away

      I am getting REALLY TIRED of having to de-install my McAfee products, run MCPR, and then installing again. I have 6 copies of McAffee running on various home computers and devices. It seems like every week or 2 weeks I go through the same procedure.


      So now it's my main computer that does this, yet again. Is there every going to be a real fix from McAfee? I'm on the verge of total frustration and abandoning McAfee after years of being a "loyal customer."


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          Peter M

          I gave you your own thread as the other one was from last year and moved it to a more appropriate spot.   Are you by any chance in the habit of using System Restore or image restore of any kind or using registry cleaners and/or any rival security software?


          What is your operating system and service pack?


          If a restart popup occurs then do it as soon as possible as  it means the software has been upgraded more than the simple daily DAT update, however if it occurs often then that's a sign that the installation is somehow being corrupted.


          The question is - by what?


          The best people to answer that would be Technical Support Chat as they can link up with your computer and run diagnoses.


          They are open 24/7 and are linked under Useful Linkis at the top of this page.


          Edit: last thought, check your system clock for accuracy both time and timezone-wise.


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            System Restore, Cleaners, etc - nope.


            All of the family computers (mine, wifes, kids, etc) are on Windows 7, latest service packs, all patches etc applied.


            The problem is that the message/pop-up appears no matter how many how times I reboot - there's something wrong with the flags or the boot-time installation.


            This problem with the continuous reboot prompt has appeared on five of the six family computers; some of the computers have had this same problem multiple times.


            I think there is a related problem: at one time or other EVERY computer I run with McAfee tell me that the subscription is invalid; I check online and McAfee has it recorded as active.


            For both problems, I keep going back to technical support (no email option ever appears, just "live chat") - sit there for an hour typing back and forth before they tell me "oh, de-install and run MCPR".... and it's really getting old. I've done it about 20 times over the past 2 years.


            Since my experience with 6 computers is that this happens often - I would expect that McAfee would have figured out the problem and provided a permanent or automatic fix of some kind. The problem doesn't even appear in the FAQ...

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              Peter M

              As it's happening so often to so many of your machines and it isn't normally an issue with most people, I would assume that something unique to your household setup is causing it.


              I'll flag this and ask a technician if he can intervene here.


              I just tried connecting to chat myself and after running the MVT it occurred almost instantly despite the stated extimated wait time of 9 minutes.

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                Jayadeep NR

                Please go to Control Panel >> User Accounts >> Change User Account  Control Settings >>  and change the setting to “Never Notify”level.


                Restart your computer.


                http://download.mcafee.com/products/licensed/cust_support_patches/TS100430.bat to your Desktop.


                Save the file to your desktop.

                Double-click TS100430.bat. For Windows Vista/ 7, right-click TS100430.bat and select Run As Administrator.

                IMPORTANT: This batch file contains commands which will modify your Windows registry. Before running any batch file, ensure that you trust the source of the file and know its intended purpose.

                Restart your computer.


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                  Peter M

                  My internal enquiry produced this response:


                  During the update process, a registry key might remain after the update cycle is complete. In this situation, the update service may continue to request a system restart.

                  But, in some scenarios if system specs are not up to the mark , this is what happens.

                  Please ask the user to check and report back his Service pack.
                  Additionally check for windows update and  install  any  important  updates. 

                  So could you advise your system and service pack on the offending machines and if they are up to date please?

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                    Thanks for your help and info.


                    If I go to my account page, and click on the license, I can see every computer I have AV+ installed on. I have a main license and then additional licenses for the other desktops and laptops. The odd note is that most of the computers show up twice (with the same local workstation ID). For example "COMPUTER1" shows up as de-activated, and another entry shows "COMPUTER1" as activated.



                    OH CRAP. I just checked, and "COMPUTER-3" is showing as de-activated and I'm only using 5 licenses out of 6. So NOW I GET TO DO THE WHOLE THING AGAIN ON ANOTHER COMPUTER!!!!



                    I actually just bit the bullet, de-installed AV Plus, ran MCPR.

                    To get it to work again, I give the computer a NEW NAME, and then  re-install AV+.

                    Only took 45 minutes - which is much quicker than trying to find a way around the problem or spend time with tech support and then have them tell me the same thing.

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                      Peter M

                      Any account queries can be sorted out by Customer Service (Useful Links above) and it's a free phone call.