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    "Security Scan Trial" - another fake alert Trojan - BEWARE!


      Good evening everyone,


           Once again my computer has become infected with a fake alert Trojan.  This time, the infection occurred not on a website, but after opening an email from the Food and Drug Administration around 8 p.m. [EST] this evening, (one of many I get each day involving food & drug recalls). (The email was received in my primary email account mailbox, then forwarded to my Hotmail account where I opened it).  The "SmartScreen filter" always generates a message that the FDA's emails look suspicious to it and will not automatically display some contents such as pictures within the email, unless I click on the "Show Content" line.  (I have never encountered this problem before when I have clicked on the "Show Content" line in an FDA email).


      Upon doing this, I was disconnected from the Internet and my Desktop screen was displayed.  A dialog box opened which had a caption at the top that read something like, "Security Scan Trial."  Multiple other dialog boxes began opening stating I had various infections and asking if I wanted to run my AV software.  McAfee, Malwarebytes, & System Restore were all disabled.


      To summarize, it took over two hours to rid my computer of this nasty mess, get the McAfee software re-updated, firewall and real-time scanning turned back on, etc.  A full scan with Malwarebytes found 3 infected items...just as it did with a similar malware which called itself, "Microsoft Security 2011."  The almost identical "symptoms" between THIS malware & the previous one which infected my computer is uncanny.  Does McAfee have any plans to address this obvious recuring, and very detrimental problem?  Is there any way to scan an email (in a Hotmail account) with McAfee or Malwarebytes before opening it so as to avoid this happening again? 


      Thank you for your time and feedback.


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