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    Agent Policy Issue





      I have installed EPO Agent 4.5 but while enforcing the polices it shows "Enforcing policies for EPOAGENT 3000". Why it does not show Enforcing policies for EPOAGENT 4.5.




      Vipin Hooda

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          Hi Vipin,


          That is because the 'Software ID' for McAfee Agent is the same as it was for CMA 3.x. Its taking it from Registry below

          HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Network Associates\ePolicy Orchestrator\Application Plugins\EPOAGENT3000


          Hope this helps!


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            Hi Quazi,


            Thanks for reply. But the agent available in EPO is 4.5 then it should show agent 4.5. How can i enforce the policy for EPOAGENT 4.5. Do i need to change the value in registry or there is some other method.




            Vipin Hooda

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              I think what Quazi means is that it *is* enforcing policy for MA 4.5, and this is just the way it looks in the log.

              There is nothing actually wrong by the sound of it.


              Simple test to verify is to modify a trivial policy setting and make sure it's correctly applied on the local machine.