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    Deploy agent.


      Hi all, my network is: ePO -----Wan (slow) ----Superagent ---- Client. Can i deploy Agent to Client automatically ? not through ePO, it should deploy from Superagent repository because WAN is slow . Thanks for help!

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          Yes, having said that you have configured McAfee Agent Policy to get the updates from desired SuperAgent and the Agent Package is already replicated to the same SuperAgent.

          Only Policy and Task will be pushed by ePO/AH. Rest of the Software should be downloaded from configured Repository only.


          Hope this helps!


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            Thanks Qhafiz, i think because Agent not installed yet so it not apply policies that configured to update from SuperAgent. So like you said that will be ok . Thanks so much!

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              Hi Quafiz, one question more. i have 2 policy for MAgent so how to know which policy will be applied? And in AH whitepaper said " Agent handlers transparently handle requests for software and cache the required files after downloading from the master repository" So AH just caching not where store software like Distribute Repository? And if deploy in a new branch i must setup for both or just 1? Thanks Quafiz!


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                The most important question here is - have the machines already got an agent installed?

                If so, then this will work - the clients can run a deployment task and pull the new agent installation package from the superagent.

                If they haven't, then no, this is not possible. If a machine does not have an agent, it can;t run a deployment task - so in order to install the agent you will have to do a Send Agent Install, which can only be done by the ePO server or an agent handler. Since you have a slow network link, an agent handler is not going to be possible, as it requires a permanent high-speed link to the SQL database.

                In this situation, the best approach would be to manually install the agent package on those machines.


                HTH -



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                  Thanks JoeBidgood, i resolved problems. Install AH for new agent on lease-line