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    Can McAfee Agents connect to ePO server over the Internet?


      We are having a growing problem with our McAfee Agent computers going extended periods of not communicating with our ePO server. Thisis because users work on the road or from home and do not connect to our internal network. They do still fallback to update their DAT from McAfee directly, but this is not reflected on my ePO server.


      I thought I remember that it was possible to have McAfee Agent computers send properties and update over the Internet with an ePO server (both my server and agent are at version 4.5). I'm sure I would need to open the firewall and expose ports to the Internet for this to happen. Does anyone have experience with this type of setup? I'm trying to locate some documentation. This would solve my problems of out of date agents. They would be able to communicate/update with the ePO server every time they have Internet connectivity.