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    Real Time Scanning and McAfee Issues

      How do I re-download McAfee to repair the program?  It will not scan--keeps saying error.  Plus, it keeps turning of the real time scan.  Help!

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          Hi Angel,


               Have you tried running the McAfee Virtual Technician yet?  In another post, one of the McAfee techs responded to a posting similar to yours that the MVT has a "self-healing" component.  Also, how long have you had this McAfee software installed?

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            Mine scans ok but like yours, it keeps turning itself off-some times every few minutes. I have yet to get any help from McAfee.

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              Peter M

              Try running the Virtual Technician but be warned this will only work with McAfee direct customers.  It tends not to find anytthing when it's software modified by your ISP or computer maker (Dell, At & T and so on).




              Failing that, I suggest uninstalling, rebooting and running the MCPR removal tool, rebooting again and reinstalling from your online account.


              What you may be experiencing is corruption of the installtion, often caused by the use of registry cleaners and sometimes the result of previous iinfections.


              Technical Support Chat is available 24/7 in most areas - see McAfee Support above.


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                Peter,This Question does not pertain to me right now.But Was curious what you ment by saying Mvt tends to not find things wrong with the mentioned items posted above.So if you purchased a dell or any such computer with Mcafee as part of the purchase.Are you saying Mvt would tend not to find the problems?Not sure what you mean by modified by the maker.Just wondering.


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                  Peter M

                  I didn't mean that it wont find problems, what I meant was it most likely wont find any eligible products at all.   This commonly occurs when the products are provided by 3rd parties and we assume it's because they somehow alter them.


                  It doesn't always happen that way but I was just warning that it might.

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                    ok thanks