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    Core NDIS Intermediate Filter Miniport in Antivirus Plus

      1. Is McAfee Core NDIS Intermediate Filter Miniport a component or prerequisite of McAfee Antivirus Plus?

      2. Can I uninstall or disable it without uninstalling Antivirus Plus?

      3. How?


      While what I'm really hoping for here is direct answers to the questions above, rather than answers to questions I didn't ask, here is the background of the questions, in case it helps.


      I have Antivirus Plus on XP SP2.  overplay.net is a commercial VPN server provider.  I'm trying to connect to one of their servers and suspect that AntiVirus Plus is getting in the way.  The reason I suspect this is that when I tried to connect to an overplay.net server using a VPN client, called OverPlay VPN, that overplay.net provides, the connection fails to work correctly, and OverPlay VPN's error log includes a message that overplay.net tech support claims is an indication that McAfee Core NDIS Intermediate Filter Miniport is blocking the connection.


      In fact, overplay.net's web site includes an article on disabling this component (or a similar one - the name is not exactly the same) from Host Intrusion Prevention.  But I have Antivirus Plus, not Host Intrusion Prevention, and the instructions in the article don't work for Antivirus Plus; for example, they refer to a folder (.../Program Files/McAfee/Host/) that does not exist on my system.  The overplay.net article is https://www.overplay.net/blog/overplay-vpn-disable-mcafees-bugtastic-ndis-driver


      I have tried temporarily turning off the firewall in Antivirus Plus, and it didn't help.  But, again - in this question, I am trying to focus specifically on my questions about the NDIS driver.