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    LDAP server/secure agent traffic causes high connection/CPU overhead


      It appears that when I enabled secure agent communication (either when I opened port 443 to ePO, added a registered LDAP server or both...) in responseto a communication issue I found on newer agents a few days ago, it appeared to work fine at first, but became problematic.  Some time later there was a partial server outage –the ePO server itself was up, the console worked, but agents couldn’t check in. After reboot, the numer of ePO connections stayed maxed at 250.  It was as if the increased time it took for agents and epo to establish thesecure communication filled the available connections to the limit, and deniedcommunication to any additional agents.    (This in turn caused a 4.5 patch 1 agents’ known issue (McScript_InUse 100%CPU) to occur and processes consumed inordinateresources which is another story.)


      So I couldn't get resources under control until I deleted the registered LDAP server.


      Anyone else seen this issue in ePO 4.5 p3?