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    Problems with network shares (periodically) in SaaS5 .2.1

      (copied from wrong forum)

      Not sure if anyone else has had similar, but we have the above on a few customer sites (most running SBS2003 with windows 2003 apps servers) - every so often, the sites lose connection to all network shares (mentioning that there are no free resources) - the only way to fix is to reboot the machine. This also stops the machine being able to access it's own network shares.


      Seemed to first happen when Saas blocked cookies, as we had numerous backups fail, and every so often, it would mention in the backup logs that it failed to read from the drive (after having cookies locked) - so the backup really did faile (rather than just sipping files) - end result in this was no access to network shares. We put in the reg string to not scan cookies, and it seemed to sort it for around 1 month - but now every week/2 weeks or so, the same customers phone up woth the same problem.... (it is ONLY customers running SaasS, all other customers are fine, so 100% confident it is Mcafee causing the issues).


      It is getting very frsutrating, as it seems to be causing one problem after another, and I think in all liklelihood, we will sever out ties with Mcafee and go to a competitor for what we hope would be a better product.


      Before we do though if anyone has come across this and has a fix, it would be a great help, as the customers still have the remainder of their contracts to run?


      Many Thanks,


      Mark Dawes

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          Apologies for the frustration you are experiencing.


          Have you logged a support case?

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            Hi April - no I havent, as the last 3 times I logged calls with support, I had someone remote into the server, remove Mcafee, re-install (exatcly the same as we had already done) - promise that the issue was fixed, for it to happen again a couple of days later, and then never respond to my calls/emails saying that the call shouldnt be closed - this was for 1 site that had issues with network shares when installing onto Small Business Server 2008 - which at the time, was the only O/S we had issues with shares on, this issue now appears to be spread to windows 2003 as well.


            I had more luck posting on here, as a guy told me it was a known problem with SBS2008 and would be fixed with a future upgrade - hence posting here first....

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              Mark, can you tell me what the service request number is from when you called into support? I'd like to refer to those case notes regarding this issue, and then either myself or a Tier II support tech will contact you. We may need more information but we'll let you know based on what information is already in the service request.


              Thanks, Bob

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                Hi Bob,


                Apologies for late reply - I had a PM from a support guy who asked for my contact details, howver, he never got back to me - this is happening on around 6 or 7 servers we/our customers have at the moment, so cant see that it is just us having the issue? All shares etc drop (windows gives an error message RE not enough resources), and only a reboot will cure it. If we disable Mcafee services on the affected servers, they never have the problem again (but obviously are no lomger protected)


                I have looked back at the original call we had (<3-823109445>) and also (<3-760241197>) this was originally placed on a server running Small Business Server 2008 - for which we never received a fix (only an engineer dialling in, removing Mcafee and re-installing, then closing the call (despite me saying i wasnt fixed).


                The problem now seems to affect windows 2003 servers as well (although mainly servers, and not Small Business Servers) - although we still havent installed onto SBS2008 as we know it will have the same issue as before....