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    Site Advisor Enterprise Plus

      Does anyone know if there are any updates beyond (or Patch 2) which deal with issues surrounding IE 9 and Firefox 4 which "offer" to disable SA if it takes too long to open the browser?


      Also any news on SA being compatible with Chrome - I am using Site Advisor "Non Enterprise" Ver on Chrome so why is the free version working and yet the "paid for" version doesn't work with Chrome.


      Thank you.

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            I'll reach out to someone on our SiteAdvisor team who can hopefully respond to these questions.

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              McAfee Engineering will be releasing Patch 3 for SAE 3.0 in May.


              We are also in development of SAE 3.5, due to release later in Q4 - this will have support for Google Chrome as well.



              Ben Andrew

              Sr. Product Manager

              SiteAdvisor Enterprise

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                Is there any news about de patch?

                My boss is really annoyed about SAE+ still not working in FF4. Why is this taking that long, it is already over 6 months now that SAE+ is not working anymore because the Firefox team blocked it.


                I need the patch urgent!!!!!!!!!!!

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                  Hi Gerke,


                  Thank you for your patience. The SiteAdvisor Enterprise team released Patch 3 today - which provides support for IE 9. Development to support FF4 is underway and is scheduled to be released to support at the end of June.


                  More details on Patch 3:


                  This release includes Hotfix HF623593, HF555832 and HF545914 along with below mentioned defect fixes:


                  • 623012 : IE8 browser crash with SAE and single sign on authentication software
                  • 627050 : New elist.dat content is not read until service restart
                  • 634553 : Intermittent browser crash with SAE installed
                  • Improvements in safe search functionality
                  • IE 9 browser support



                  Thank you,


                  Ben Andrew

                  Sr. Product Manager

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                    Hi Ben,


                    We have blocked traffic with Internet Explorer, that is why we use FireFox. Now you tell me that we have to wait until the end of June? Why is this taking that long, you know that FF4 is blocking SAE+ since more than half a year, why develop first for IE9, the most buggy browser there is and wait with FF4? My boss is asking me to look for an alternative (that is something I don't want, we had Bluecoat with Websense, and I've been going through hell to persuade him into SAE+ in stead of gateway filtering).


                    I am really dissapointed now.


                    Is there a beta version which I can test?


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                      Since October 2010 we expect the new patch SAE, McAfee said it would be available by the end of April, and we are in May, and I saw with disappointment that already announced by the end of June ... perhaps money has no value. why the free version if you can use with FF4 and IE9? and the paid version does not

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                        SAE 3.0 patch 3 supports IE 9. This is currently available.


                        Firefox has made major changes from 3.6 to 4 and from 4 to 5.


                        SAE 3.5 will support Firefox 4. This is targeting mid October for English release and December for localized versions.


                        SAE 3.5 patch 1 will support Firefox 5 and higher. Patch 1 is targeting ealry next year for release.

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                          So short version:


                          We have bought something which is unusable for us, since we don't use IE.

                          I have to block all FF updates and let users still use FF3.5 with all bugs and securityleaks in it?

                          This really sucks and this isn't acceptable for us.


                          This really is a point for me to kick out McAfee and look for an alternative.