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    Question operation Virtualhost McAfee Email Gateway

      hello people.

      I am deploying the MEG (McAfee Email Gateway) with VirtualHosts confused and thought, then I would "validate" my ideas. By default the MEG only accepts a domain and a global standard and only virtualhost? this point of view all the settings are applied to the appliance or global domain default correct? Now the question when I create a virtual host or sectioning the more I am creating another set of rules such as anti-spam, compliance, antivirus, SMTPI, SMTPO using the type listenner or not-listener? This idea is correct if I'd have two policies for anti-spam for example, the default domain (global) and one for the virtualhost settings
      or two configurations for a SMTPI to the default (global) and one for the virtualhost SMTPI, correct?