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    HELP!!!!! Endpoint encryption for PC is not installed - 0ex0050001



      My PC was infected by virus, after restarting my machine its giving error "enpoint encryption for PC is not installed - error 0ex0050001"

      I have gone through all discussions in forum related to this error.  I had discussed this with my IT help desk but like always..i have got one standard answere " reimage your PC" as they dont want to take the hassle.


      I have some real crucial data on my laptop and cant afford to loose it. I have gone through the procedure of SafeTech but i think you need to dowload .sdb file from Endpointpoint encryption manager (which i think is a central console for managing EEPC) and i dont have access to it and like a complete mess nobody in our organisation knows from which part of the world this is being managed for our PCs.


      However, i have managed  to get credentials of our support group  to get access to mcafee support portal to download Authorization code of the day...


      Is there any way i can decrypt my hard disk without downloading  configuration file (.sdb) from EEM. ...........Or can i access EEM from any other client machine running EEPC???  I am  not adminstrator but just a client user / end user.


      I would really appreciate if somebody could guide me how to go about it with step by step procedure. I am a techy guy and have recovered some nasty HDD glitches in the past but this is first time with encryption.


      Thanks alot.



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