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    About to uninstall McAfee Security Center due to this problem

      Okay so I bought a game from GOG.com recently. Great game by Troika games - Temple of Elemental Evil. The game has been extensively patched since it's release many years ago. These patches fix critical bugs in the game so it is recommended to install these before playing.


      Anyway, when installing the most important of these patches, McAfee suddenly views the game .exe file as a Generic.dx threat and quarantines it. This happens even when real time scanning is turned off.


      If there was some way to stop McAfee from quarantining this file, that would be the perfect fix, however through my searching it seems that this is impossible.


      If this is the case, then this is really unacceptable. I bought this game, and I want to play it. It is not a virus! So if I have to choose between McAfee and this game, sorry I will choose the game and go with another Anti Virus software.