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    Setting up End User Quarantine - HTTP 400 Bad Request


      I am in the process of trying to setup up our Email Gateway (6.7.2) and I am looking at the End User Quarantine section. I have yet to configure it to have mail going through it.


      I have enabled it and assigned a virtual hostname to the same IP that the gateway is running on. This resolves and when I attempt to browse to it, I get back an HTTP 400 Bad Request error.


      A few questions, does the EUQ have to be assigned to another IP address or can it operate on the same one at the gateway? Should I be able to browse to a login screen without having an email with a link to release email?


      Also, if anyone has some best practice or sample configuration that I can use to help get my head around this appliance that would be greatly appreciated.

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          EUQ can be assigned to the same interface as the rest of the services on the gateway.  The only restrictions on this would be if you were using webmail protection or secure web delivery on that same interface.


          You will only be able to see pages on the service if you follow a link from a notification.  Without the full link you will get an error message or a blank page.  There is no way to log in with a username/email address to view the messages.