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    VSE 8.7 policy reverting to out of box?


      I have an issue where a certain group of servers are losing their policy and reverting to what seems to be the out of box policy for vse 8.7.  Our policy has Acc Prot disabled and port 25 open.  I have an alert set anytime the port 25 is blocked, it logs it and i get an email.  That is how i know Acc Prot is turned on.  I do an agent wakeup call and all is good. 


      This just happened on two servers tonite, it has happened across different epo servers as well.  The commonality is the network in question is slightly isolated, very busy.  It has only happened a dozen times over the last year I would say, but not a good thing in this situation.

      Any ideas?


      epo 4.5 build 851 and 937.

      vse 8.7, patch level 1-3

      agent 4.5.0270


      Thanks, Jon