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    How is a virus affecting my Yahoo Messenger?

      a day ago i got a random messege from one of my contacts on yahoo instant messenger asking "is this your photo" followed by a link. confused, i clicked and found that the site was a virus. immediately afterwards i noticed that my messenger closed itself. when i got back on i got messeges from several of my contacts asking me why i sent a message. i asked them what they meant and they all sent a copy of the same messege that i clicked with maybe a number off.


      i have scanned my computer and quarantined the one virus it picked up that i presumed to be the culprit but it continues to happen, even though my computer comes up as virus free now. and every few minutes my messenger shuts off and when i get on i notice that all of my contacts are hilighted.


      i decided to check all of them and notice that "I" sent them the virus laced messege again though im not in control. has anyone else had this problem and how do i get rid of it?