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    Agent handler support for multiple ePo servers




      My name is Yossi Mor and i am currently planning ePo server migration from one location to another.


      Now there are several AHs  that communicate with the existing ePo server. MY question is it possible to modify handler setting so it will support additional ePs server as part of migration / upgrade part.


      I have read KB67423 but this is for replacement of ePo setting in the hander not adding.


      Thanks A lot,




      Yossi Mor

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          I don't think that you will be able to share AH between multiple ePOs.


          While installing AH, it will ask for the details of a particular ePO server. The AH doesn't  have options  and it will not accept the detials of the multiple servers.


          Someone please correct me if I am wrong.


          on 13/4/11 8:38:07 PM IST