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    Overall settings

      I need help with the various settings, such as site advisor, the firewall and real-time scanning, as my computer has slowed significantly since installation of the McAfee Security Suite from Cox. I have disabled most settngs and found the computer to once again be responsive and I would like to turn the settings on again but am not sure which ones cause the slow response time. Any help here would be appreciated!

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          Peter M

          Assuming the Cox version is the 2010 version (shield-shaped icon) and assuming you have no other security software installed, can you give a quick summary of your installed memory (RAM), free hard drive space and what operating system and service pack this is?


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            Thank you for your response. I am close to switching back to Kapersky as McAfee slows things down to an unworkable level.

            I have XP Home editon with 512 RAM and recently update all service packs and Windows security settings. I have 125GB of free space.


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              Peter M

              OK your free hard drive space is more than adequate, but Window XP is (I hope) SP3?   Also that RAM is just on the bare minimum required for this software to function smoothly.


              The published System Requirements state in part '256 MB RAM or higher for Windows XP (512 MB recommended)' but we Moderators always recommend 512mb and preferably 1gb or higher.


              This is due to the fact that the software no longer is available in its constituent parts so one has to install the whole suite.  At one time you could just install the antivirus and firewall parts which meant minimal resources were usually OK.


              The best improvement in performance you could obtain would be to increase the RAM if at all possible.  That would speed up your computer with or without McAfee installed.  For an XP 32-bit system the maximum RAM it can handle is 4gb but 2gb would be more than sufficient.


              In your case I tend to agree that using standalone antivirus and firewall may be in your best interessts.


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                Makes goos sense. One more question and I'll have what I need. Evreything seems to run well as long as I keep real-time scanning off. I have scheduled scans still turned on. Firewall is also turned on. Do I run much risk by  keeping it this way?

                Thanks you again.

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                  Peter M

                  I would tend to turn Real-Time Scanning on otherwise you aren't protected and turn the scheduled scanning off.  Also use only 1 firewall so Windows own F/W should be off if using a software one such as McAfee.

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                    Along with Peter's suggestions, you could try this:

                    If you right click your red shield, then click 'change settings' and then 'real-time scanning' and move the the dot to 'programs and documents only' you should see some improvement.

                    Of course nothing will help like more ram.