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    ePO 4.5 log files increasing their file size (ssl_request_log and access_log)




      We are running ePO 4.5 patch 3 and we noticed that these two files ssl_request_log and access_log are increasing its size. (at about 500mb each)

      After following KB68796 article we have updated the ePO to patch 4, but thefile still remain at 500mb.

      Then we did the following actions:

      We've stopped the ePo services and delete the files, and then we've startedthe services again.

      Two new files ssl_request_log and access_log have been created in thedirectory(\epolicy orchestrator\apache2\logs).

      We've noticed that these files started again to increase their file size.


      Any suggestions regarding this?

      Also what is the purpose of these two files?

      Could we decrease the logging level regarding them?


      Thank you.