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    Internet Security 2010 vs 2011

      I was wondering if any differences between internet security 2010 vs 2011?

      I have a new acer netbook w/trial version of internet security and plan to 'manually' buy a new subscription soon.


      Will I have to uninstall my current version and then re-install the new subscription or can I just type in the new license key somewhere?  



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          Yes it is always best to uninstall the old program and reboot and then run the MCPR removal tool found at the top of this page and reboot again. MCPR will remove any remaining traces the trial version might leave behind during the normal uninstall fails to remove.


          I have not as of yet seen what the new version will have in it as far as 2010 versus 2011 but I have heard you can exclude certain files when you run a scan. Peacekeeper or Ex_Brit might be able to share some more info. I hear it should be releasing soon but have not heard anything definite yet.

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            The 2011 box you buy in the shops as of September is actually 2010 version updated with all patches. 2011 is now out for subscription download from the Australian site. the US download should be in 2 to 3 weeks.


            Re changes

                    What's New ?
                    Improved Threat Detection:       

            • Improved alerts to Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUP) to allow users to easily prevent malware from entering their system.
                    CleanBoot Tool:         
            • In the event that a non-cleanable virus is encountered, users are now directed to a"CleanBoot" tool, and a Virus Removal Service
                    McAfee Anti Theft         
            • Users can secure their valuable documents in a virtual vault using the McAfee Anti Theft (MAT) feature
            • MTP installation time has been reduced by decreasing download time.
            • Improved On Demand Scan (ODS) performance.
                    Feature Enhancements:         
            • Home Network will now offer a larger list of Devices to identify on its drop-down list. Devices such as; Network Switches, PDA's, Smart Phones are now available to choose from.
            • Parental Controls accumulate statistics in a Security Report
            • Parental Controls now offers Improved Time Restriction capabilities
            • Online Demand Scans now prompt the user to scan external drives
            • Quickclean/Shredder now includes additional options when cleaning up files
            • Improved key-logger protection
            • McAfee Anti Theft
            • Custom and scheduled scans can exclude files and folders
            • Scan time reduced due scanning via dual threads


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              Thank you for the update Peacekeeper

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                Thank you Peacekeeper!

                I was hoping I could just insert the new cd store bought version and be able to type in a license key and it would update to the latest version. I guess that would be too easy!

                I say this because I read a review for Internet Security 2011on Amazon that someone did just that! I was wondering if this is true? Did this person actually get the new version this way or just renewed the existing version?

                If I have to uninstall & then install the new version then okay but I just wondering if there was an easier way?

                Thanks for all your help!

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                  As 2011 real version only out a week or so I doubt it was gotten that way.


                  I would if you do not want to wait for the upgrade to take place automatically log onto the aussie site and try installing from there once you have setup your account. Sorry did not buy my version so a bit unsure of steps to register ie if happens before or after installation from the cd. Worth a try.


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                    Thanks for the info on differences in the internet security versions, it was very helpful.

                    Now I am trying to figure out the easiest way to extend my subscription w/o uninstalling the current version, especially since its probably the same version.

                    Well, does anyone else know if I can renew my trial version of Internet Security with a store box version of the same software? Like entering a new license key or retail code somewhere?

                    I do not want to renew/upgrade online with McAfee offer. I can get same thing cheeper elsewhere!

                    If I insert a new cd of this versionn will it recognize that I already have this version on my netbook and allow me to enter a license key or retial code?


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                      Contact chat or email customer service they should know.


                      Link in useful links tab above

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                        Thanks very much for your help!

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                          I emailed McAfee customer service as suggested and they informed me that I must uninstall my trial version and then install the retail box version. Apparently there is not an easier way in my situation. You were right K3tg!

                          In addition, they advised me to contact technical support if I have any uninstall issues but did advise I download & use Virtual Technician first. They indicated I should not have a problem but did offer to help should I need it!

                          I will have to wait till I purchase the software & we will see how it goes!


                          Thanks to you and also k3tg for all your help. 


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