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    how to trust a quarantined file

      I Just recently reinstalled a program called "DinerDash"  from the original CD this program was working previously but after renewing my "McAfee  Total Protection" subscription it did not work.
      I have reinstalled the program several times and each time I get a message that McAfee has quarantined the file that was installed from the CD.
      It says it is a Trojan "GenericBackDoor!cqs I have tried to restore that file from the quarantined and trusted items tab but then each time I try to play the game it puts the file back into the quarantined files list I do not know what to do.
      I have looked under the trusted items tab but the file doesn't show up there to trust it.
      This game is the only game my wife plays so I am very interested in getting it to work again for her.