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    McAfee Distributed rep




      Is there any way i can make DR replicate from internet , if i have DR only for DAT?


      and is there any time limit for DR replication task



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          You cannot update a DR from the internet - only from the masterrep.


          But you can configure a local repository and update it from the internet (e.g. via a VSE mirror task).

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            How i can do that ? VSE mirror task ?

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              Are you using standalone VSE or ePO managed?


              If standalone then, in VSE console=>right click=>new Mirror task.


              Rest of the windows will be self explanatory (Mirrored location) and scheduled the task.


              Once Mirrored task is configured then in VSE=>Tools=>Edit AutoUpdate repository=>new repository, select either local path or UNC, point to Mirrored location and schedule update.

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                I have location which epo managed , can it be defined from epo 4.0

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                  Within ePO configure the following:


                  1) Create a clienttask for one system

                            -> Type: Virusscan Enterprise Mirrortask

                            -> Settings as Hem explained

                            -> Share the mirrored dierectory as an UNC path on the local client


                  2) McAfee Agent Policy

                            -> goto Repositories

                            -> Add a repository (button on the lower right of repository page)

                            -> Put in the location and credentials of your UNC path created in step 1