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    DLP Host & Network Pinters Problems



      We use McAfee Host DLP 9.1

      on some PC with windows 7 pro we have a problem with network printers

      periodically printers require to reinstall their drivers. users do not have rights to install drivers.

      In beginning we tried to change drivers on print servers, but this not help us.

      in the end we found that uninstalling DLP agent or disabling "Printers and application plugins" in Global agent Configuration solves this problem. Problem is present only on Windows 7 machines.


      How we can resolve this issue?

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          Try to disable UAC on client Win7 PC`s.

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            Disabling UAC does not resolve the problem, we were trying to do this


            Users don't get notification with requirements to input credentials of user with administrative rights, but in general the situation doesn't change

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              Did you open the support ticket?

              What support say about this issue?

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                Hi ,


                What is the version of HDLP ? Wiindows os running 32 bit or 64 bit ?





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                  2 Geek


                  Yes, we opened support ticket. now we collect necessary information to support team


                  2 Mcafeepcs


                  Client PC running Windows 32 bit



                  when we worked on this issue, we found strange files in drivers folder on problem PC.

                  for example, printer HP Color LaserJet CP2025n in normal terms uses driver file UNIDRV.DLL

                  at some moment printer begins to use driver file fc_unidrv.dll and after some time requires to reinstall drivers

                  and most strange, almost all driver files in directory "C:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers\w32x86\3" has its copy, which name begins with prefix "fc_" (see image)



                  at the same time on print server has no any driver files with name begining with prefix "fc_", this files has only on client PCs


                  may be this files are reason of our problem?

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                    Hi mpak


                    this prefix that you saw before the printer driver filenames is what exactly happens when DLP printer handler is applied on the clients  , whether you apply any printer protection rule or not. Be aware that this modification only happens on the workstations and not the print servers.

                    DLP can not support all the printer models, especially some of the HP ones. It happens as some malfunctioning in printing procedure. reinstalling the drivers on the clients can not be a permanent way to solve this problem.

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                      no actions with print server, with printer drivers, with client PC didn't bring any results

                      in the end this issue was resolved when we transferred printer server role to server which managed by Windows 2008 R2.