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    Unmountable Boot Volume


      Hello folks,


      Currently we have upgrade our McAfee EEPC server from 5.1.5 to 5.2.5. After upgradation we are facing "Unmountable BootVolume" error at windows login on some  machines. every day number of crash machines are increased. This problem is occurred after upgradation.


      clients OS: winxp sp3

      McAfee EEPC: upgrade 5.1.5 to 5.2.5


      As per mcafee KB boot.ini system file is corrupt. how can i prevent this. Can i roll back upgrade process?


      Any help highly appreciated.



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          Could be a case of running chkdsk on all systems prior to the upgrade ?

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            hi hasi99


            thanks for your response.


            in netwok there are approx 900 machines and most of placed on remote location. I had upgrade server and select newer client file from server (machine group). when client machine will sync it will automatically upgraded therefor it is hard to perform chkdsk befor upgrade.


            is it really file system issue? Before upgradation machines are working file but after upgradation i am facing this issue..

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              the kc article is incorrect - I asked for it to be changed. There's nothing wrong with your boot.ini file.


              Can you attach a client log showing the period before and after the upgrade? Usually this means something blocked updating safeboot.sys or sbalg.sys in the registry.


              Can you also describe exactly how you are doing the upgrade? You say you are selecting the newer files, but you don't say that you are unselecting the older files - that's of course very important.


              You are also upgrading to an older version - any reason you are not using 5.2.8? It has lots of helpful fixes in it for stability etc?

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                Hello Safeboot,


                Please find the attached log file. For security reason i  changed DB name and IP in log file.


                I had upgrade server and uncheck old client file and select new client file from machine group.


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                  looks to me that instead of creating a new file group for the new version, then switching file sets between them, you updated the files in the EXISTING file group?


                  All I can suggest is that you perform an emergancy boot on the machines to rebuild SBFS - I'm not sure if it's possible to stop the problem happening on the other machines, since you did something which the product was never really designed to do AFAIK.


                  I guess turning off file updates in the machine policy for the working machines will stop any more getting broken though?

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                    I just install new version of EEPC and update file group. after that i just select new client file and uncheck old client file from machine group property.


                    i had not change any other option on server.


                    i found compression on one crashed laptop. Is the problem of compression?

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                      Yes, certainly compression of the root of the boot drive will cause this, that's not supported as per the release notes. Do you think the user chose to compress the drive after eepc was activated?

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                        I think user chose compression after encryption. because as i know when we install safeboot on compress drive it show "Unable to locate boot code image host file" error in log file.


                        right now all problematic machines are formatted by local engineer so i am not able to rectify exact issue. since last 4 days i am not getting same new case from users.


                        thanks for your valuable input.