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    DLP Agent Reboot cycle

      Ok I have a strange one here for the group.  I set up a group in EPO of machines that had issues with DLP Agent drivers failing (thats another post to discuss that).  On this group, I broke inheritance and set up an exclusive job that would un-install DLP Agent at 11pm...then install it again at 2am the next day..which is really the same night if you get my drift.  Well I came in in the morning and all the machines in that group were stuck in an uninstall/re-install cycle over and over all night!  Well needless to say those people were not happy that they were forced to reboot every 5 minutes because of this.  Does anyone know why this would happen?  Both jobs were set to run only once at the specific time and day. So in theory it should work right? Help me! 

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          I think it is better first you clarify your problem with the specefic Agents. Also be concern that maybe this machines have problem with their Mcafee Agents. it is better if you force to reinstall the Mcafee Againt on the specific machines and then define a rule to deploy the DLP (and schedule it to run immediately) and another rule to force unistall it (schedule ths rule to run once). As the result the DLP agent will be uninstalled at the scheduled time and it will be installed immediatly after the uninstallation restart and the next enforcing policy.

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            Please confirm that you don't have "run at every policy enforcement" checked in the client task.  That might be why you're in a loop every 5 minutes on those machine.