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    Web Gateway 7 Timeout


      How long does the Web Gateway wait before timing out a request to a website? Is it possible to change the timeout value? Where?

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          Good question, I was wondering also.  Sometimes we get Timeout Erros, Page cannot be found messages when submitting forms.  Mostly when ording products or purchasing online flight tickets.  These are all HTTPS sites.  There must be some type of timeout where it is killing these connections instead of waiting. 



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            there is a global connection timeout that defaults to 120 seconds. This can be changed:




            The connection timeout can be changed in a rule with 7.1.0, so you can set different timeouts based on different servers. That is done via the Event "Enable Workaround <timeouts>":



            I hope this is what you are looking for.





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              Thank you very much - this was very helpful!  I've been testing this, and at first I could not get it to work.  I had created a rule in the 'Common Rules --> Handle Special Sites' Ruleset that followed Dirk's instructions above.  However, when testing it, the site would still time out after 120 seconds.  I then noted that the 'Handle Special Sites' ruleset only runs in the 'Responses' cycle (I believe that is default behavior).  So, I moved my rule into a different ruleset that runs in the 'Requests' cycle, and it worked perfectly.


              So, it appears that any rule to extend the timeout for a specified connection must be run in the 'Request' cycle.

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                Rene Moj

                Hi, does anyone know if changing the connection timeout from 120 to 900seconds has an impact on the performance?

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                  Jon Scholten

                  Hi Renata,


                  Changing it globally is probably a bad idea, but changing it on a site-by-site basis is alright. This can be done with the Proxy Control event.


                  Best Regards,


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                    Rene Moj

                    Thanks for the response, I will reconfigure it, because it is basically for one website.

                    Is the global solution bad because of security (eg DoS because of too many tcp connections?) or because of performance reasons?

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                      Jon Scholten

                      Hi Renata,


                      It's because of performance reasons, if connections are kept open, theoretically more resources are tied up waiting for those resources to become active.


                      Best Regards,


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                        Rene Moj

                        Ok, would this be right?:

                        Is there a recommendation where to put this kind of rule? I would put it in a ruleset which is only called in the request cycle, eg under "URL Filtering" even if its not really filtering..

                        Or I could create a separate ruleset:

                        What do you think is the better design and would cost less performance? I think the 2nd one

                        Thanks very much!

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                          On version there is nothing called "Enable Workarounds".  The closest thing would seem to be creating something new under "Proxy Control".