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    Issues updating SaaS 5.2.1 DATs

      Good Morning,


      I'm having an ongoing problem with clients updating themselves. I have a license for 250 client machines 40% of these aren't updating and according to the McAfee Portal have old DATs installed. I have gone round 60 odd machines, removed McAfee off using the tools provided via the portal, re-installed the AV and now it seems to have a blank box under DATs.


      I have configued 1 Relay Server to see if this will help but there is also no change to these clients, i have checked firewalls etc, but sure if this was a configuration issue from my network, it would effect all machines not just 40% of them.


      Any advice would be great, anything I can do to use Group Policy to help me with this nightmare would be great.


      Also does anyone know if you can use ePO with TPS?


      Thanks in Advance.



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          I have read your post.


          Please let us know if you have all the machines with individual Internet connection or are they getting their updates only through the Relay server.


          Also, please let us know the Operating system and the browser installed on the computers/servers in which you have these difficulties.



          Pritish P.

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            All machines do have access to the internet but we have a Authenticated Proxy hooked into AD, which I believe maybe causing a problem.I have setup one of our servers using the

            vssetup.exe /setrelayserverenable=1. All clients are Windows XP 32 Bit, the main issue seems to be with client PCs, not the servers as we use a different port for the proxy for the servers to insure that they can access the web.


            I forget to mention they also on a Windows 2003 Domain.


            Any help is much appreciated.


            Thanks Matt


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              I have read your reply.


              The issue that you are facing could be due to the Active Directory setup in your Network.


              Please try to disconnect the Active Directory setup from your network and then try pushing the McAfee software/updates and check if that works.


              It would be really good if you could call us directly on our technical support number so that we could get an executive take remote entry into your computer and check the settings.


              Please revert back for more clarifications.



              Pritish P.