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    exporting scan jobs for later use

      Hello All,


      I need to export the scan jobs I have done during audits to be able to use them later (for generating new reports for instance) or to merge them in a global McAfee VM database.

      Is it possible ? How can I save my work, except by doing a backup of the database ?


      Is it possible to have different Faultine databases on the same computer and specify McAfee VM which one it should use ?


      Thank you for your answers.



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          Are you managing Foundstone within ePO, and if so are you talking about being able to export a client task so that you can restore it at a later date (or to a different ePO server)?


          If so, your answer may well come in the form of the recently-released ePO 4.6. I've not seen it yet, but reading through the release notes a few days back this was one of the new features mentioned.


          Hope that helps.


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            Hi Phil,


            Thank you for trying to help me but I this there is a misunderstanding. I don't use ePO (for the moment).


            Here is the point : I am going from site to site with a laptop for audits. Once back in office I backup the data I gathered, and then I image my laptop to make it clean.

            I have to be able to generate again, if my client ask for it, a McAfee VM report, even weeks after.

            So I am wondering if it is possible to backup my scans, then to import it on another computer in order to generate these reports. And of course on this office computer I would have all the scans I have done during my audits and keep them as long as I need.


            Thank you for your help, and sorry for my English.



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              Anantha Kumar



              Configure data sync from Manage - data source to transfer scan data from one MVM DB to another MVM DB.

              Later you can generate report from the destination MVM DB.


              Hope this helps.




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                Thank you Anantha, you perfectly answers my question.