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    How to tell installed version numbers of VirusScan 8.7

      I manage an ePO server for a large number of users. One user requested that I make VirusScan 8.7 Patch 3 and Patch 4 available on our ePO server.


      I manually checked in Patch 3 to the ePO server, but it looked like the version number is still the same as we had before - Version 8.7.0 Minor Version 570. I went to check in Patch 4 and this also had a minor version of 570.


      So, maybe I'm just missing something here. How do I tell the currently installed patch level? And how do I verify a checked in Patch level has actually installed correctly?


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          VirusScan patches do not update the build number of the installed VirusScan package.

          Patches are separate packages to the base product install, and are installed on top of that base package.


          The patch will display in the repository separately, indicating the patch number it is (or hotfix number as the verbiage may be such)


          To verify a patch is installed, examine either -

          a) the local client, using the VSE "About" window _not_ the McAfee Agent "About" window. The former is 100% reliable, the latter is not.

          b) properties of the client in ePO after performing a full properties collection from the client. This will 100% accurately reflect the status on whether the patch is installed.


          After performing test (a) or (b) the result will indicate the patch level, or it will say "None". And if it says "None" then there was a problem with installing the patch.