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    Bad virus

      I am in the same boat that everyone else is. My computer will not let me use the internet or my Mcafee. I got hit last night with a virus called Best Malware Protection and it took over my whole computer. Is Mcafee working on a solution for this problem or are we on out own. If you have any answers please let me know.I think facebook is a bad place for viruses.


      Thanks Cis

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          Peter M

          Be very careful what you click on, the web is full of pitfalls these days and some infections are even too much for most antivirus applications.


          Try this first....


          See if you can call up System Restore and restore to a point before all of this started.   If successful don't forget to update McAfee and Windows afterwards.


          Not sure what version of Windows and service pack you have but that info would help.


          If that wont work in regular mode, try it in 'Safe Mode with Networking', reached by tapping F8 repeatedly while booting up.   It's second on the ensuing menu.


          If that's no go then try the following in that mode (it WILL work in Safe Mode with Networking)...


          Download, install, update and run the FREE version of THIS tool.  Let it remove everything it finds and reboot if asked to.   If it is successful run a quick scan in regular mode just to make sure.

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            Peter M

            By the way, I forgot to say, if System Restore is successful then it wouldn't do any harm to run that application in any case.


            Also temporarily disable System restore afterwards to get rid of the infected restore point.