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    Trojan or Virus Still Present After System Restore?

      Over the weekend I became aware of a Trojan infection (False Warning) asking me to download "their" product to correct the problem.  Previously I had used an antispyware product to take care of a similar problem.  This one, additionally removes virtually all applications from the desktop, shows the c: drive as empty, and gives a black background screen.  Re-booting caused the "blue screen of death" and the system would not boot into safe mode.  After additional research, I know how to work around that in the future.


      In any event, when McAfee reported that it had handled removal of a Trojan, and no further action was necessary, it was wrong.  A couple of antispyware products indicated they had resolved the problem, but they had not.  So I restored my system, and it ALMOST is back to normal.  Strangely, it will not let me download things that require administrator rights, even when the user has administrator rights.  For example, it won't let me use Windows Updater at all.  It won't let me manually download security enhancements for Windows XP.  It won't let me install Malwarebytes, for example.


      Any suggestions?

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