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    scanning pc

      Everytime i try to do a scan whether its a full or partial, it stops scanning halfway through. Why is this? How do i fix it to complete the entire scan?

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          Hi lauren,


          Please let us know some of the below details on your pc ;

          What is the operating system installed ? (Win xp/vista/7) & service pack

          Do you currently have any other security software installed on the PC ? Or in the past (If any)

          What is the specified location the scan stops every time : (You can find this is security center as soon as the scan halts)

          Get us the version details for your McAfee programs, by clicking Navigation >> then click About

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            I have windows xp.  There are no other virus protections installed however i have recently deleted 2, norton and avast.  The scan stops at 53%.  I just did another scan tonight and left the room.  when i came back to the pc, it was restarting.  Still had the same restart problems i always have which tells me the scan probably did not complete itself, let alone fix any errors.  Now i can't even open the software.  It says there is a problem.  How do i get back my $50 for this horrible software.  There are too many problems!!