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    Upgrade to 8.8 went bad, now machine shows as having 2 VSE's... how to clean?


      Hi All,


      Rolling out 8.8 and we have had 2 machines go bad. in the about field they show as having both VSE 8.7i and ASE 8.7 and also VSE 8.8.


      Trying to remove from add-remove programs dosnt work (have given user full admin rights).


      Also I have seen KB52648 and an article saying to run this command to clean the registry. REG DELETE "HKLM\Software\Network Associates" /f


      Has anyone else run into this issue? and if so what steps have you taken to clean up? If not looks like its going to be a re-build tomorrow for these two machines and fingers crossed it dosnt happen to any other machines (2 out of 865 so far).


      Also error message the end users are getting is that mcshield.exe will pop up an error signature message box with every click they do. so links in IE or opening applications.



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