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    EEPC6 Server Tasks - Criteria for each sub-action with Clear All Tags?


      I am putting together a server task that if a PC meets a certain criteria (Is a laptop and tag = the one I want) to clear all tags and assign a new tag.


      The purpose of this task is to try to mimic a column of Disk State where Disk State = Encrypted, etc.  Which is not possible natively.  (So, if anyone has a workaround to this - that may also be my solution)


      But here is my issue:


      If one of the criteria in my query for the task is tag = "Encryption Initiated", I want to clear all possible tags and apply a new tag.  The problem is if I do a "Clear All Tags", it does clear the tags any any others as expected but it seems to use (RUN) the query again for the next sub-action.  Therefore since I've cleared all tags, my device(s) no longer meet the criteria of Tag = "Encryption Initiated".  As I test, I put Apply Tag first and then did a Clear Tag for the rest of my potential tags but I have NINE potential tags I'd like to clear.


      Does anyone have any ideas?  This does this in both my test encironment and my production environment so I  may open this one as a ticket.


      Thanks in advance,.

      Best regards

      Rich S.

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          I found out what was going on.  You must use a query for Managed Devices (e.g. you cant use a Policy Query, Encryption State query, et. al).  It works fine by running multiple queries in one server task.  You run one to query the policy or disk state you are looking for, then set a custom attribute to any value you want... then come along with your Managed Devices query and query for Custom 2 (Or whichever one you used).  THEN, you can use the Clear Tag sub-action.