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    Exclusion for SQL Server Reporting Services


      Hi All,


      I'm dealing with an interesting problem here (at least it is to me...)


      We have an MSSQL server running SQL Server Reporting Services. When accessing that reporting utility and running reports in FireFox or Chrome browsers, the results display within a second or two. But, strangely enough, when running these reports in Internet Explorer (v.7.0), McAfee VirusScan (McShield/OAS more specifically) kicks in and delays the report results by up to 4~50 seconds on a basic report. This also cranks up the CPU load to ~70% during that time.


      Thus in IE, McShield kicks in, slows everything to a crawl, in other browser, no such problem!?! Of course IE is our corporate standard so... I need to get that working with IE.


      The only work around I have found so far is to disable ScriptScan through ePO, but what I'm looking for is a more specific exclusion I could add so I could keep ScriptScan enabled.

      I have tried excluding Report.aspx or Folder.aspx under the script exclusion but that did not have any impact.


      Any help or suggestions would be welcome. Thanks.




      PS: Using VirusScan 8.7i, ePO 4.5, IE 7.0, SQL2005


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