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    April Fools Joke Not Funny


      Ok, so maybe it was a quinsadence or what but in ePO 4.5 build (937) we had about 16 server loose all there tags, lost there assigned policies and made a lot of problems. anybody else see this? Why did it happen? Even its own self lost its policies. I say lost policies as we had broken inheritance and assigned specific policies to them. almsot like a agent cleanup task was ran.


      Looking at the server task log I see nothing that looks bad, all schedule pulls. nothing in the time of the incident. I do see a agent cleanup that was run but it was 8 hours before thigns went bacd. it also said it deleted 33 systems. Any way to see thos esystems?

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          Actually I fond the systems that was "cleaned" up from the inactive agent task. How does oneself become inactive? the server itself was deleted and then found again, explains why it lost all tags and policies. So now the question is why did they become inactive?

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            Have you looked at the agent task confiugrations ? where is this task assinged  ? Whats the ime period we specified for the agent to run ? has it changed ?

            An inactive agent is one that has not communicated with the ePO server within a user-specified time period. Some agents might become disabled or be uninstalled by users. In other cases, the system hosting the agent might have been removed from the network. To perform the search, run the ePolicy Orchestrator query named Managed Inactive Agents.

            (For information on queries, see Queries in the ePolicy Orchestrator Product Guide.) The default

            configuration of this query reports systems that have not communicated with the ePO server

            in the last month. You can specify hours, days, weeks, quarters or years.

            When you find inactive agents, review their activity logs for problems that might interfere with

            agent-server communication. The query results allow you take a variety of actions with respect

            to the systems identified, including ping, delete, wake up, re-deploy an agent, etc.

            CAUTION: If you force install a new agent, all previous policies and settings are lost.

            MCAfee product guide


            http://download.nai.com/products/naibeta-download/epo_450/ma_450_relcandidate_pr oductguide.pdf