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    Retiring ePO 3.6


      We have a remote site using ePO 3.6, we would like to remove the ePO and have all the clients communicate back to headquarters where it is running ePO 4.5. What is the best way for going about this migration? I was thinking about installing an agent handler, is this the recommended solution? and does an agent handler acts as a distributed repository?


      Thanks in advance for your help.

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          This is a fair useage for an agent handler, but it's certainly not the same as a distributed repository.

          it's important to bear in mind that an agent handler talks to the ePO server and DB a lot - so it needs a good fast and reliable connection back to ePO and Sql.


          An AH (Agent Handler) appears to the configured agents as if it is the main ePO server.

          This helps machines at the end that would otherwise have a slow connection, as all they ever effectively talk to is the AH. The AH takes on the stress of working with the ePO server & DB.

          Consequently the AH spec is higher than you might expect, but this is all in the install guide.


          One other big difference is that it caches policies, tasks and updates on-demand. It does not maintain a full list nor does it contain an actual repository.


          Of course you'll also need to upgrade all the agents to reap the benefit

          If you wish there is nothing to stop you placing an actual distributed repository on the same server either.





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            You can have your 4.5 server bring in the system list and policies off your 3.6 server. If you are upgrading VSE at the same time don't forget to migrate your policies! https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB53909  You may need to update your 3.6 server for this to work though. In 4.5 it's under Menu->Configuration->Registered Server.


            The manual says an agent handler has high bandwidth utilization.


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