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    Configuring over the air synchronisation with remote PDA server


      I'm having issues with mobile device encryption.

      I have installed MEE Manager on a gateway machine which also has a PDA server created locally and PDA service running locally.  The MEE Manager points to the database created on our internal system. 

      I believe this is how it states to set it up in the discussion post


      I have created an install set which has the PDA server on the gateway machine select and allows for 'Over the Air Synchronisation'.  This install set is installed via Intellisync a third party software package.  However, one Endpoint Encryption is installed I cannot a mobile device created in the database and so the recovery option will not work.  I'm not sure what I need to set up to get this working. 

      Just as an afterthought, when I click on the Endpoint Encryption PDA Server it will only let me connect to a local database, I cannot connect it to our remote central database.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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