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    Can not activate!

      Good morning,


      I have problems to activate my license for a McAfee Antivirus Plus 2011. I am having problems to connect to  server, although my Internet connection is working properly. I have a ADSL connection, but on my laptop I use wireless.

      I have the Software on my laptop installed. My System has the following configuration: Model HP 625, Windows 7 Home Premium, Processor AMD V140 2,3 GHz, RAM 2,0 GB, 64 bit operating system.


      I have tried to reinstall and i tried to connect trough a cable connection but nothing work's.


      Best regard,


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          Hi Daniel,


          Please update us with the below details:-



          Kindly let me know what your previous Anti-Virus software was?

          Operating System: (Windows XP/ Vista / Windows 7)

          Browser Version: (IE 7 / IE 8 / IE 9 / Firefox / Google Chrome)



          Try openning the command prompt through the RUN window as shown and type ping download.mcafee.com and kindly update us with the IP from where you get the reply form.

          run command.bmp

          Ping command DM.bmp

          Ping command DM RES.bmp


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            My previous antivirus was also McAfee,but i uninstalled and deleted before installing the new one.

            Operating system:Windows 7

            Browser version:IE8

            I have done what you said but i still can't activate,i received the message that it can't connect with mcafee.com and to try later.

            Best regards,


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              Hi Daniel,

              Could you please let us know what was the outcome of the ping status. If you are not sure , please try it again and let us know the status;


              Click on Start > start search and type cmd

              From the options right click on cmd and click on Run as administrator

              From there type : ping download.mcafee.com (there is a space after the word ping)

              And let us know if you are receiving a reply with an IP and not which is a loop back address.


              Also, let us know some of the below details

              Are you trying to install McAfee through a cd ?
              Please provide us with a screen cap for the error .




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                I have installed the software from a CD...



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                  a little help please....i have 4 weeks of trying to activate...and nothing!!!!!

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                    Hi Daniel,

                    Sorry for the deferred response, seems that system and server sync issue, Please click on this link http://service.mcafee.com/LocaleSelect.aspx?lc=1033&sg=TS&pt=1&st=CHAT  which will connect you with our chat technicians and hey would help you activate the products through a remote session .