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    McAfee's not catching afd.exe virus

      I have McAfee fully installed and operational on my computer but I was still able to get a virus that masked itself as a Windows 7 sercurity alert. I did not respond to the alert - opening task manager to end the program but somehow the virus got into my computer anyway. McAfee is not detecting it. I am not able to get onto the internet, nor am I able to open any system restore processes as the virus has shut them all down. I isolated the process in task manager and ended it - then went into My Computer and thought I deleted the files that the virus was affecting but it has not worked. I am still unable to use my internet or open any programs on my computer (even in safe mode). If anyone knows what can be done let me know. I have a paper due Moday afternoon and I literally cannot access it by any means.


      Needing Help ASAP!





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          You can try following the below steps:


          Step 1: Stop the Process as shown below


          • Open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete
          • Click on Application Tab
          • Right click on the application name of FakeRean and click on Go To Process
          • Select the 3 letter Random Alphabet.exe and click on End Process


          Step 2: Delete the infected file from the respective location


                File Location:


          Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\%Username%\Local Settings\Application Data\akwo.exe(Random Alphabet.exe)

          Windows Vista and Win7: C:\Users\%Username%\AppData\Local\hay.exe (Random Alphabet.exe)


          Step 3: Download and run the below fix to overcome the issue




          • Merge the reg file by double clicking on it.
          • Reboot the computer and check the status.


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