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    No Internet Conncetion after a McAfee Virus Removal



      I recently discovered viruses on my Dell Inspiron, on two different occasions.  The first two viruses were taken care of, but my McAfee Security Scan Plus always stopped working after 75% of the work completed.  Within a couple of days, I found another virus, and got rid of it.  And again, the scan never completed.  This time, I realized that I lost a wireless internet connection.  All other computers at home are connected to the internet, and they are working as usual.


      I tried all kinds of things recommended to restore my connection, with no success.  I tried system restore, but all the restore points before this problem were deleted.  (by viruses?)


      When I first tried to fix this, my computer was connected to the network/router without internet connection.  Now I don't even see neighbors' wireless networks, let alone my own.  I don't know what I did wrong.


      I even used my system backup disc, hoping to restore the factory setting, but the disc always stopped working and never did a single thing.


      My OS is Windows 7.  I appreciate any help.


      Thank you,




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