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      On my new laptop, just recently I get the scarey the scarey "your computer is at risk" security warning things. This happens at least once or twice a day, drives me nuts. You cannot close that tab, a small box appears that says click ok to contiue or click cancel to stay on the same page----are you kidding me. I have run the full scan 2  times with McAfee and it shows some adware thing and asks if I want to quaratine it. Then things are fine for a little while but several days later it all starts again. Isn't McAfee supposed to protect my computer from stuff like this?? Is there a setting I don't have correct or something? HELP this is driving insane!!!!!!!!!!!!

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          Peter M

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          To be completely safe keep your computer totally up to date with Windows Updates, also software and utility updates whenever possible.   Also there is no such as thing as a 100% secure protection software  but McAfee tries to be as comprehensive as possible when it comes to  fighting malware.  There are some types out there that fool any  antivirus unfortunately.   Ir's wise to have additional anti-malware  handy and always updated just in case.  I recommend Malwarebytes and perhaps Superantispyware (free not  the pad versions).


          Is this a McAfee notice or a Windows one?  If the latter it could mean updates are due.

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            This is neither a McAfee notice or a Windows one, It is made to look like that but it is bogus security warning.  A screen pops up and say my puter is at risk. Then a full page screen pops up and the whole page looks like it is scanning and it tells you there are 8 attacks, and 6 viruses and blah blah. I was attacked by one of these on my old laptop and had to dump the entire thing and reinstall everything. It was horrible. I had no protection on that laptop, so was happy this one came with it. Maybe I will try one of the ones you suggested . Crossing my fingers. Is it that sites I go to may make this happen more for me then others I know??

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              Peter M

              Boot to 'Safe Mode with Networking' and try the following:


              All the following will work in that mode.  Download the FREE version of THIS software and then update it and run a full scan,


              Let it remove anything it finds, reboot and re-run it in regular mode.