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    Problemas con cuarentena

      Hola, tengo una suscripcion a McAfee Security Center y tengo problemas para indicar que un archivo es seguro y que no me lo envíe a cuarentena. Estuve dando muchisimas vueltas para solucionarlo pero no encuentro la forma. Se trata de un archivo .exe que uso para un juego. El mismo es detectado como troyano por error y quisiera agregarlo a la lista de "Elementos de confianza" pero no me lo permite porque no esta listado dentro de "Amenazas detectadas", sino que el programa directamente me lo envia a Cuarentena sin preguntarme y por mas que lo recupere, me lo envia nuevamente. Por favor agradecere su pronta ayuda. El archivo es seguro y si sigo sin poder utilizarlo, voy a quitar MsAfee para siempre de mi equipo personal y de las otras 5 PCs que tengo en mi empresa, para pasar a otro software que permita estas customizaciones.

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          Sorry but I don't speak more than 2 words of Spanish.  I gather something you need is wrongly being quarantined.


          See this post for help:  https://community.mcafee.com/thread/2016


          If this is being detected as an 'Artemis' detection please post the conplete Artemis!xxx.... number.

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            Hi Peter, I can translate my issue. I have a McAfee Security Center subscription and I need to indicate a file as secure, so the program will not send the file to quarantine. I tried very hard to solve it but I cannot find the right way to do it. In this case, this file is an .exe used by a PC game. This file is allways being detected as a trojan by error, erased and sent to quarantine. I wish to add this file to the "Trusted elements" list, but I´m not allowed to do so, since it is not included in the "Detected threatens" list. The program does not even ask me what to do!!! it deletes the file and if a restore it, the systema deletes the file again. 

            Please, I will appreciate your quick help on this matter. This file comes from a trusted source and if I cannot use it, I will have no other choice rather than quit McAfee and install a different Antivirus in all my PCs.

            I read the link you sent, but in this case, it is not an Artemis detection. I think I need to customize the actions that McAfee will do with the "supposed infected files".


            Thanks in advance!


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              You can use the steps outlined in that article to forward the file to the Labs for analysis.   It doesn't necessarily have to be an Artemis detection.


              The new software for 2011 which is slowly being released allows for files to be trusted only during a manual or scheduled scan, but wont have any exceptions to the built-in, or 'real-time' scanner.


              What's the name of the game, just in case one of their staff read this thread?


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                Moved this to VirusScan 14 for better attention.

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                  Hi, thanks for your quick response.

                  This is a cracked file of Test Drive Unlimited 2. It is not a virus for sure, so makes no sense to send it to McAfee. I need to exclude it somehow. If not, could you recommend a good antivirus, since this is not a useful one.

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                    If you send it to them and they still say it is infected, reply to that email adding FALSE in front of the header and they should send you an XDAT to prevent it being detected in future.


                    Offhand I don't know of any specific anitviruses that allow full exceptions, sorry.

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                      Primero deberia ver si esta detectado como Programa no deseado o como una propia deteccion.


                      Si es programa no deseado puede crear una exclusion por el nombre de como es detectado, si la deteccion es como troyano por OAS y no es programa no deseado pruebe a crear una exclusion por el nombre del archivo.


                      Espero que esto le ayude a resolver su problema.


                      Un saludo

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