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    Spam email

      My computer has been infected with a virus that seems to send emails to my contacts about great financial opportunity.  I have scanned my system with McAfee but the scan comes clean.  Any suggestion how to get rid of it. The message sent to my contacts ask them to go to this website;


      Link removed for safety reasons



      email removed for your safety - Moderator


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          Peter M

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          Please don't post links that are possibly dangerous and never post your email or other personal data in public.


          Are you sure you are sending these emails...do they appear in your outbox?    The reason I ask that some infections can mimic you as the sender and actually have infected someone who has your email address in their address book.


          Download, update and run a full scan with the FREE version of THIS software.


          Let it remove anything it finds and reboot immediately if it asks.


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            Thank you for your reply.  Yes the emails are coming from my Windows Live Mail.  I can see them in the "sent " folder (outbox).   I have downloaded Malwarebytes, run full scan and rebooted as instructed, however, today once again another round of spam emails started.  Any other suggestion.  Thanks

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              Peter M

              Run an application called Hijackthis and post its log on one of the following forums for expert advice.




              Do not post Hijackthis logs here, we can't help with  those!


              Post the logs at a specialist Forum:






              MAJOR GEEKS




              MALWARE REMOVAL




              SPYWARE INFO




              Be sure to read all the sticky announcements/instructions at the top of each malware forum!

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                Thank you for your help.  I will follow your advice.  Just one thing i noticed that the emails are sent even when my computer is completely switched off.  Could they originate from my BlackBerry phone which I use for email as well.? 

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                  Peter M

                  They couldn't be sent by a switched-off machine, provided it's actually powered off of course, simply impossible, so something else is to blame.

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                    Thank you.  Is it possible that my BlackBerry is the source of the spam.  Is this possible?  and if so, how can I clean it?  Thanks

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                      Peter M

                      I have no idea, I'm sorry.  Find a Blackberry support group for that kind of advice.   Do a Google search.   I don't own a smart phone otherwise I might be able to offer advice.

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                        Hi, just a follow up from my last discussion with you.  It appears that someone hijacked my email account and accessed my contacts.  After a suggestion by a friend who had similar experience, I changed my email password and for the last 3 weeks or so I had no further problem. 

                        I wanted to thank you for all your help with this matter. 

                        All the best

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                          Peter M

                          Glad you are OK now mukasas, good luck ;-)

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