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    ePO 4.6 Python scripting



      Is anyone trying out the new Python scripting API in ePO 4.6 yet? I have just started downloading all the required bits and will give it a try.

      Things I would like to automate are;

      - Custom Policy management (generate custom scanning policies and system tree folders for subsets of servers based on a request workflow)

      - Policy reconciliation (monitor cloned copied of our standard policies for settings that have drifted)

      - Endpoint sorting based on external asset inventory database (move new or decommed systems to correct folder)





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          I'm having trouble thinking of things that we could do with it. It would be interesting to integrate our in-house ticket client and inventory with data from the server, although I can't think of a user for that.

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            Hi robpow and noah,


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              I have not gotten there quite yet, but my plans are as follows:

              -Keeping my "Active directory sites" structure in the System tre updated with the correct names and subnets according to what is in AD S&S

              -Automatically create new folders below the new "sitefolder" in the system tree and assign the correct policies.

              -Verifying client status vs our asset system and removing clients that are in "scap" , etc

              -Setting custom properties on clients to business unit or Country to be able to report AV status by those properties.

              -Maybe create an "AV status" page for the company where anyone can see the general status of the current AV situation. (allthough there might exist easier ways of doing that)

              - Creating custom Outbreak alerts for  when a certain virus have infected x number of clients. (Have not found any other way of doing it in EPO so far so hope it is possible here)


              I am sure there is more, but this is what i have thought of so far.