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    McAfee antivirus won't run scheduled scan or update

      I have a dell pentium XP SP3 machine that uses McAfee as only AV tool.

      I have updated subscriptions to security center and antivirusplus (though not sure I need both)

      When I renewed I selected autoscan- weekly and autoupdates; but I noticed that when reading the scan result log files, only ~1000 files were scanned, even though the big green check mark shows on the McAfee Security center home page saying my system is secure.  I also noticed that when updating, it says it is, but the little meter never moves off of 0% completed. When I try to open McAfee to see realtime updating, page instantly closes.

      I uninstalled and reinstalled security center twice, same thing happens.

      I downloaded virtual technician, and he says everything is fine; but I suspect not.

      When i try a right click scan from my computer icon on desktop the scan may be a little more thorough, up to ~100,000 files, still I believe not complete, as old version before renew would full scan over 200,000 files.

      I suspect my system is infected by virus or malware that McAfee is not equipped to remove; or else there is a persistent error in how the new version of Security Center operates on my machine. I have also exp[erienced very slow internet connections, hanging up in office programs (outlook, word, powerpoint, etc) and in task manager CPU usage always at 100%; but I don't know if the McAfee issues and performance issues are related.

      I am also concerned that my machine is not protected and at risk for further infection.


      Any ideas?

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          Please try following the below steps and kindly update us on the output:


          Open the command prompt through the RUN window as shown and type ping download.mcafee.com and see what the output is? Note down the IP address and update us.

          run command.bmp

          Ping command DM.bmp

          Ping command DM RES.bmp

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            This is new: came down this morning and real time scanning was off, tried to turn it back on, but could not from security center, so I ran VT and he said he fixed it; had to reboot twice.  First time that ever happened.


            Ran a file count from command line, there are ~172,316 files on my system. Last full scan made it to 13,000 before deciding that was 100% and eveything was OK.


            mcafee ping.bmp

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              Please click on Navigation >> then Click on About and let us know the version of

              • Virus Scan
              • DAT


              Post that follow the instructions here reboot the computer and let us know the status of your Real time scanner .

              Also, let us know if you have restored the computer to an earlier date (system restore)

              Any other new hard ware/software installations done to the PC.



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                After powering down machine and re-starting and using VT  I got McAfee to turn real time scanning back on.

                When running VT said DAT was not what was expected, so I manually updated.

                This is what I have now:

                mcafee status.bmp

                Since it looks like I am up to date, and real time scanning is back on, the rest of your instructions may be to fix a problem I am not experiencing (today at least).


                Still need to see if it auto-updates and can run a scheduled full scan.